Espresso Italia

Espresso Coffee Capsules

Espresso Italia is extremely proud of the simplicity it offers with their state of the art fully automatic espresso/cappuccino systems. But that is only part of the recipe that makes Espresso Italia so unique.

The second part of the formula is the high premium espresso beans that are cultivated to perfection and selected from the finest growers around the world. Then the coffee masters in Milan, Italy, uniquely roast the espresso to the premium quality that Espresso Italia is known for.

The espresso is precisely ground and precisely packed to the proper density to eliminate the fluctuation and inconsistency in the extraction and quality of your espresso. This is a common problem with conventional espresso machines that use whole beans and pods.

The espresso is dispensed into our state of the art capsule dispensing system. The capsule is supported by a dual phase filter system that simply delivers a fresh espresso extraction will no grinds to worry about in the bottom of your cup.

This system is very quick at delivering a high quality beverage with NO MESS to clean up after the extraction of the drink.

The espresso is roasted in 3 variety blends:
  • Light Roast
  • Dark Roast
  • Decaf Roast
American coffee is available in:
  • Regular
  • Decaffeinated
The gourmet tea is available in:
  • Lemon flavored pre-sweeten
  • Peach flavored pre-sweeten


We also have a high quality line of 100% Columbian coffee that is roasted in Andalo Valtellino,Italy. The”GIMOKA” brand coffee, which is currently available in: The GIMOKA brand coffee is a full flavored coffee that is rich & smooth tasting, satisfying the serious coffee drinker’s appetite.

GIMOKA, a brand name to remember, it's bringing quality to the surface, and keeping cost under control. Treat yourself and friends to a great cup of coffee, "GIMOKA".

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