Espresso Italia


Espresso Coffee Capsules
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  • Dual-Phase Vacuum Seal Process
  • Freshness Guaranteed For Up To 2 Years
  • 5 Capsules Per Package
  • 100 Capsules per Box
  • Tea Capsules: *Lemon *Peach
Gimoka 100% Colombian Coffee
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High-quality 100% Columbian coffee, roasted in Andalo Valellino, Italy
A full line of high quality gourmet coffee blends from around the world!, please call for details.

Torani Naturally Flavored Syrups
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Our full line of Italian naturally flavored syrups is the key to building menu diversity. Create a wide variety of appealing specialty beverages for dayparts and seasons.
Oregon Chai Liquid Product
Oregon Chai
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Oregon Chai is our company's interpretation of chai, a blend of black tea, honey, vanilla, spices, and milk, prepared like a latte. Ancient recipe meet American palate in a sweet, spicy, soothing Oregon Chai Tea Latte. Hot or iced, morning or evening, summer or winter - nourish your yin and elevate your yang with this creamy blend of tea, spice, and spirit.

  • Comes in many different delicious varieties including decaffeinated.