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It was 1925 in the flourishing Italian community of San Francisco.

Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre blended their first Torani Italian syrups using authentic recipes brought from Lucca, Italy.

The enterprising couple shared their naturally flavored syrups throughout their North Beach neighborhood.

Mixing their rich Torani syrups with sparkling water and ice, they introduced the classic Italian Soda to café owners.

This bright, refreshing creation quickly caught on with thirsty customers.

In time, Torani’s reputation for creating syrups of the highest quality and greatest variety grew.

In the 1980s, Torani and good old American ingenuity came together in an unexpected and flavorful way.

Brandy Brandenburger, a coffee industry veteran, noticed the brightly colored Torani bottles while visiting San Francisco’s landmark café, Caffé Trieste.

Experimenting with the naturally flavored syrups, he created a new American classic—the flavored caffe latte.

The rest is coffee history. For decades, Torani’s red, gold and blue labels have been part of the café lifestyle.

Today, Torani is the best-selling specialty syrup in North America and a sign of good taste around the world.

What began as five traditional Italian flavors has expanded to more than 70 naturally flavored syrups and a host of creative flavoring ingredients, including Frusia and Caffioco.

Each Torani product is still made using only the finest ingredients and a careful blend of all-natural extracts.

For the finest in flavoring ingredients and beverage creativity, reach for Torani.

Torani Flavors
Torani Flavors

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